• “The sustainable classic”
    “The sustainable classic”
  • “Scent of the scene”
    “Scent of the scene”
  • “Scent of the scene”
    “Scent of the scene”
  • “The sustainable classic”“The sustainable classic” The Platz Classic Spring 2023 capsule collection. The theme of Platz Classic's 23rd spring collection was developed as a motif of sustainable classic. Before exploring the essence of classics, our Platz Classic wanted to place a deep value and brand direction on sustainability, a social issue for the future of the brand. A classic mood with permanence that does not change even if kept for a long time, a new and differentiated sense and meticulous detail, and a message of comfort in it, to unravel the message of the sustainable future that Platz Classic shows. Presenting an item to keep in your closet for a long time by adding an elegance that never changes over time, this Platz Classic offers a signature pencil skirt and tweed set-up using various fabrics to classic mood and dense color variations. Meet the essence of the new classic presented by Platz Classic.
  • “Scent of the scene”“Scent of the scene” Platz Classic Last Winter Collection. The theme of the Platz Classic's last winter collection in 2022 is The theme of scent of the senses was developed as a motif. With the theme of "Journey to the Past" in your own way, using the elegance of the classics The Last Winter Collection, which contains themes organically connected to the previous collections that developed, Inspired by scents that are very introverted and at the same time remind you of beautiful memories. By shifting the way of thinking from exploring with the sense of smell to feeling with the various senses, Platz Classic reinterprets and presents the sensuous fragrance. From a classic suit setup to a cozy and versatile heavy outerwear, From the classic pencil skirt to the classic mood knitted variation with various yarns. Presented by Platz Classic Discover the essence of winter classics.
  • “Scent of the scene”“Scent of the scene”
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